Archbishop Henryk Hoser buried in the cript of the Warsaw-Praga Cathedral

Archbishop Henryk Hoser died at the age of 78

The Polish Archbishop Msgr. Henryk Hoser, Apostolic Visitator of Medjugorje, died in a hospital in Warsaw on August 13th, 2021 after a long and serious illness.

Archbishop Hoser has passed at the age of 78. The Funeral Holy Mass has been celebrated by Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz on August, 20th 2021 in the Warsaw. Archbishop Hoser has been buried in the cript of the Warsaw-Praga Cathedral.

Pope Francis sends the letter with expression of condolences and Christian hope, thanking Archbishop Hoser for all he has done for the Church. The Lord asked him to come from this earth, so he would take a place in the glory of Heaven. The Son of Man has come and took him.

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